Lety Bazurto-Mathews

Lety has loved taking pictures and shooting video for as long as she can remember. It was always a great way for her to capture her favorite memories. Her mom always cut off the family's heads in photos so Lety quickly became the family photographer! A Tucson native, Lety graduated from Pueblo High School and the University of Arizona with a BFA in Media Arts with an emphasis in video production. She has been working at a local television station for over 20 years where she shoots, edits, writes and produces stories every day.
Lety's dedication and passion for her stories has garnered her numerous national government television awards and four regional Rocky Mountain Emmy's.

When Lety's not working, she loves spending time with her husband and their two kids. Recently, they signed their son up to play t-ball. As an avid athlete herself, Lety couldn't resist coaching her son's team. It was so rewarding and fun until she realized that most of the parents were on the field with their children. Who was taking the pictures???

Lety had a camera in hand at every game so she decided to take pictures of all the kids on the team. This idea became the start of her business venture into custom sports photography.

Lety loves what she does and whether it's with a video or photo, she hopes she can help capture those special moments for you!